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We have recently added a whole new section on sports science and medicine to the library. Up this week, we will be covering the popular steroids Dianabol:

What is Dianabol?

First things first… let’s clarify what Dianabol is and how it works. Dianabol is a very commonly used anabolic steroid for building muscle mass quicke than usual. In the USA, dbol been popular for well over 3 decades now and has grown as the alternative name for methandrostenolone, and a relative of testosterone.

Due to the testosterone increase that it offers, the steroid has become increasingly popular and used by many athletes and bodybuilders. Testosterone is the main hormone of men, it is responsible for their stronger genetics, body characteristics, bigger muscles, hair growth, etc… It’s what makes them men.

What Dianabol does is to substantially increase testosterone levels which makes muscle fibers grow faster and bigger than would usually be possible. Bodybuilders started to appreciate how much Dianabol helped them and now there are many who can’t live without it. Because of this, unfortunately, Dianabol abuse is also quite common.

This steroid is mostly consumed orally, which means the results can become visible quicker than an injectable steroid.

How Does Dianabol work?

One thing that makes this steroid so effective is its property of multitasking, while it aids in muscle growth by inducting testosterone and protein synthesis, it also takes care of nitrogen retention. This property basically allows your muscles not only to build and grow but recover faster as well, which if you are in the world of sports or bodybuilding, you will know how important it is.

If you are completely natural, your body doesn’t recover all of the protein from meals, this steroid increases the nitrogen which takes care to synthesis more of the protein consumed from food.

Now that you got familiar with what and how Dianabol works, let me introduce to you the side effects of using this steroid.

Side Effects of Dianabol

The Dianabol side effects are quite numerous and should not be taken lightly. Abuse of this steroid can lead to some life-changing results:

High blood pressure

This is the most crucial of the Dianabol side effects, sometimes even fatal, Dianabol increases the blood pressure by dilation of blood vessels.

The high blood pressure can lead towards strokes and heart attacks which is obviously very serious

Water Retention

Water retention is characterized as the retaining of large amounts of water that your body will do from time to time. This effect comes from an increase in the body’s estrogen levels from the steroid. This water-retaining will not only make you look bloated but will also lead to an uncomfortable swelling feeling, weakness and even ruins muscle definition.


Being an estrogenic drug, Dianabol can make its users suffer from gynecomastia which by definition means the growth of breast tissue in men.

It is not a rare side effect, it can show symptoms even after just a week of using this steroid, it even can affect only one breast, which can make the appearance much worse.

Liver Damage

It is an oral steroid, the chance of affecting the liver is higher than other injectable steroids, as the drug breaks down into the liver, it is extremely high toxic which causes damage. This can lead to serious problems like liver cancer.

Overgrown Hair

Unwelcomed hair on all of your body is not something you may want, but it definitely is something Dianabol causes. Testosterone is responsible for how much and where your hair grows. The growth may become uncontrollable in specific parts of the body. It is unpredictable where it can show up.

Now that you have been informed with what Dianabol is and its’ side effects, consider yourself warned and feel free to choose whether it’s good for you to use or not.