Behavior Guidelines

The Norwalk Public Library System Thanks You forĀ NOT:

  • Engaging in Unlawful, Lewd, or Anti-Social Behavior
  • Loitering Or Sleeping
  • Being Drunk or Disorderly
  • Leaving Children Unattended
  • Placing Feet on Tables or Chairs
  • Harassing Other Library Users or Staff
  • Talking Loudly
  • Carrying on Cell Phone Conversations that Disturb Other Library Users
    (Please turn off cell phone ringers)
  • Smoking, Eating, Drinking, or Using Heating or Cooking Devices
  • Bringing Pets into the Building (Except Assistance Dogs)
  • Running, Chasing or Otherwise Disrupting Library Users
  • Entering with Bare Feet, Shirtless, or Otherwise Inappropriately Dressed
  • Letting Poor Personal Hygiene Offend Other Library Users
  • Wearing Roller Blades, or Using Other Sports Equipment in Library Buildings or On Library Grounds
  • Bringing Bicycles or Motorcycles into Library Buildings
  • Playing Cards or Board Games without Express Permission of Library Supervisory Staff

The violation of any of the above may result in the individual’s exclusion from Library premises or suspension of Library privileges
(Approved by the NPL Board of Directors, 1/10/2002)